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It's Friday. So what.

I'm feeling decidedly underwhelmed today for a number of reasons...nothing big, just minor disappointments and things not happening the way I expected them to. For example, I was kind of hoping to run into jariten at Zenbox over lunch today, but since I didn't know when (or even if) he was going to be there, that didn't happen. I also rediscovered the lethality of trail mix...a few small handfuls between 9 and 11 were enough to jack my blood sugar into the red before lunch. Yeow.

The student loan disbursement also didn't show up today. I seem to recall (dimly, from last year) that it tends to post late on Friday or very early on Saturday, so I'm not too bummed about it. It's still disappointing, because I would have liked to get on with the process of paying bills with it.

So tonight I'll head home and be domestic, I think.
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