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Off schedule

I noticed this morning while riding the LRT (late to work again, damn it) that the schedules of all the buses I take -and the train, for that matter- will be changing next Friday. One of the more positive changes is that the 535 buses will now be stopping at the Knox Avenue P&R more often, which I'm really glad to see. That quarter-mile walk from 76th Street gets awfully damn cold in the winter. The train schedule has been tweaked slightly but I can't really tell if it'll be more to my advantage to go with that as my default commute option or to stick with the 576. Guess we'll see how it plays out.

Did some cleaning last night, chucked out three bags of trash, and had Scott fix the rivet in my black jeans. He wasn't able to do anything about the back pocket and suggested that I get an iron-on patch, which I guess will have to do.

I wasted far too much time last arguing with somebody who really wasn't worth it, and I'm more angry at myself for wasting the time than I am at them for being a postmodernist suckweasel. After all, they're just going along with an intellectual fashion they were told was cool and hip, because "there's no such thing as truth, really, it's all just oppressive constructs." I'm not going to rant on this at any great length; Camille Paglia already did the heavy lifting on this topic in her classic essay "Junk Bonds and Corporate Raiders". It is frustrating to try and engage people sunk in that mindset, though, because they're not interested in truth or knowledge, they're interested in playing cute games with words that show how smart they are and how stupid and immature you are for not playing along.

I will write 100 times, "I will not feed the pomo half-trolls."

No fixed plans for tonight. Most of the people I know will be off playing Exalted with redmartel, assuming he's dug his way out from under the mountain of registration forms I passed on to him Sunday, so I may just go home and be domestic. We'll see.
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