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Weirdly proper

I decided to pick up lunch while I was out checking the mail box, and since I was in the neighborhood figured I would drop by the Falafel King. Now, I'd been disappointed by this place before - their shawirma and falafel are both inferior to Jerusalem's, but since time was pressing I'd settle for what was available. (Yes, I could have tried the new sushi place, or Zenbox, but those struck me as a bit ostentatious for a fast & abstinence day.) Falafel King did not fail to disappoint: on returning to my cube, I found the falafel to be stone cold and tasteless. Not only that, the potatoes were lukewarm. Just what one would expect for the daily meal during Lent.

Other weirdness: last year we had a fellow from Australia at Anime Detour, and this year we have an AMV from Singapore. WTF? Are we getting some kind of weird reputation of coolness and excellence in that corner of the otaku Anglosphere?
Tags: it's a catholic thing, the bush of fandom
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