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Logic? What logic?

So this morning I fire up the Deskpro, on the off chance that Firefox and Thunderbird will be able to see the Internets again, but not really expecting anything. Lo and behold: fifty new mail messages and my LJ friends page. I didn't even wave any small dead rodents over the keyboard.

Today is Ash Wednesday, which shoots my previous lunch plans in the foot. I guess the path of least resistance would be to take the LRT in to work so that I can more easily catch the 5:15 Mass at St. Olaf's. Alternately, I could go to the noon Mass. The fasting is no big deal since I'm halfheartedly trying to diet anyway, and what with all the fish sandwiches at Arby's and McD's (since it's Lent) to say nothing of fish tacos at Baja Sol, it's not too big a deal.

Slept fairly well (if not long) last night despite having to drag my wet clothes out to the nearest coin laundry. I do need to pick up another radio or at least plug in my MP3 player/laptop to some speakers, because I really miss having classical music playing softly while I sleep. The white noise of the Interstate really isn't enough.

And with that, it's time to shower and saddle up for what looks to be a long day downtown.
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