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Are we not men?

Life has become difficult...

If you expect me to show up at your departmental meetings, especially since I'm not part of your crew, don't you think it might be worth thirty seconds of your time to mention the meeting while you're chucking e-mails at me all afternoon? On the other hand, if I've posted IN MY LJ THAT'S ON YOUR FSCKING F-LIST that I'm too sick to go to class, what do you figure the odds are that I'm going to show up at your meeting the same night? You know who you are, and that's the last I'm going to say about it.

I don't know what to say about the death of jcoppercorn. Given the number of people on my f-list who knew her, I'm sure I must have met her sometime in the last couple of years, but nothing comes to mind when I try to put a face to the name. Condolences to all of you, though.

I also don't know what to say about your dilemma, thaadd. I had a similar choice to make nine years ago, and when the dust settled two and a half years after that I not only didn't have the job, I didn't have a wife either. Some folks tell me it wouldn't have made a difference; I'm not so sure. I know what I would do in your shoes, but we're really not the same kind of person in spite of our shared fondness for punk music and gaming, so it seems wrong for me to advise you.

On a more positive note, I managed to get tokenfanboy the Letter from the Chairman before Deskpro's internet connection went sour last night; I sent him the bio pieces on Joan and Rebecca this morning from Cowzilla, whose access to the Net seems unaffected. Weird. I also have requests for AD insurance out to three different agencies and a quote back from one of them already. I'm also going in to see my doctor next week about this damn arm.

Got a full night's sleep last night and still feel moderately crappy today. We'll see what happens tonight, I guess.
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