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I e-mailed my assessment instructor to let her know I wasn't feeling well and would not be in class tonight. Yes, there's a quiz on the syllabus, but I don't really care; I'm really not feeling up to sitting through the class tonight.

Well, it's not really the organs. I've been feeling under the weather since I got back from Washington, and I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't have had another ten days' worth of antibiotics last month when my left leg flared up. The problem with that theory is that the leg seems fine - not unusually warm or sensitive to the touch, no unusual swelling - so throwing antibiotics at the problem would most likely be the wrong answer.

Still, I didn't take very good care of the legs and feet while I was out of town. I decided against trying to ship the pressure cuffs, stupidly forgot my moisturizer, didn't pick up any until Sunday, and then didn't use it. I also didn't get nearly enough sleep while I was out east (do I ever?) and spent way too much time on my feet, for which I got a nasty return bout of the sciatica I used to have problems with when I last worked fast food back in '95.
So it's possible something nasty is brewing down there and just hasn't gotten around to erupting forth. In any case, I've been more tired than seems right to me.

As if the legs and feet weren't bad enough by themselves, my right forearm and elbow have been aching these last few weeks, to say nothing of my hand. It could be just RSI from all the trackball and touchpad work I've been doing; it could be arthritis; it could be a little of each.

All in all, an early bedtime tonight seems like the sensible thing to do.

phoenixalpha: the photos turned out very nicely. I'll burn them onto a CD for you, since there's just way too many of them to e-mail...I thought XP had built-in WinZip or some such, but I thought wrong.

tokenfanboy: don't worry. I'll have that stuff written up for you and in the e-mail before I crash.

revolutionaryjo, redmartel, ristance: I found more stuff (AMVs, registrations, art show stuff) that was hiding at the bottom of my work bag, and of course we got some more AMVs in today. It's a real competition! Yay!
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