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Here, but only physically

[Insert obligatory Captain Willard quote bastardization here]

Yesterday was pretty much of a bust. I didn't make it over to the Zombiethon (though I do appreciate your assumption, stuckintraffik, that that was the reason I was late) and got to the volunteer meeting too late to actually meet most of the volunteers. I did meet the young lady who drove up from Iowa to make the meeting, though, which was impressive and a little humbling. After that, socializing with the Kitchen Cabinet and others, okonomiyaki consumption, and a couple of rounds of Bad/Horrifying Parent stories, which if nothing else prove that you don't have to be some kind of hardcore religious conservative to have problems with your mom parading around starkers in front of your friends when you're 10. Aside from the volunteer meeting and some grocery shopping, though, nothing much got accomplished, and I have the sinking feeling that today will be very much the same.

I woke up when the alarm went off at 0900, got up briefly, and decided the hell with it; I needed another hour of sleep. Which I got, but I don't feel any more rested. The coffee is helping, but just a little...I think I better get some time in the cuffs before I clean up and head off to give jamestrainor a lift to the staff meeting.

Later today, laundry, Wal-Mart, breadbaking and some boning up on assessment. There's an open-book quiz tomorrow night and I want to refresh my memory as to where the answers are.
Tags: domestic stuff, the bush of fandom

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