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Welcome (back) to the suck

or, The Most Expensive Fried Chicken In America*

There's a saying about the baker's kids going hungry and the cobbler's children going unshod. Somewhere there's got to be a corollary about the accountant being unable to balance his own checkbook.

I thought I was free from this endless treadmill of direct deposit advances, but thanks to those inefficient, lazy, brain-damaged suckweasels at Great Lakes, who sat on my student loan application for TWO WEEKS after finding out my original undergrad default had been paid off and expunged, here I am again in debt up to my eyeballs. Thanks a lot, you cretinous asswipes. While it's true that I could have avoided a lot of the current suckage by swallowing my pride and asking for help while I was out in Washington, I thought I could manage okay without that help. God, was I stupid. Pride goeth not only before a fall but $264 in overdraft fees, it seems...well, at least I can put gas in the truck and restock the groceries. Great Lakes swears up and down I'll have my proceeds by next Friday, and I hope they're right, because otherwise I'm going to be royally screwed.

About the only things that are going well right now are my blood sugar and Anime Detour, and after today's lunch of comfort food at the Bamboo Garden, the former is probably shot. God knows what unspeakable horrors await me on Sunday at the staff meeting. I'm severely tempted to just crawl into bed after doing the shopping tonight and just whimper quietly to myself until Sunday, but there's a volunteer meeting tomorrow as well as chebutykin's Zombiethon, and I should really put in an appearance at both.

Well, not everything is despair and gloom in the world of the Chief Wombat. Via Aaron Gleeman, we're treated to Dead Spin's "Why Your Hometown Columnist Sucks" feature, most recently featuring Bob Sansevere. I used to think Pat Reusse belonged to this category, since his Strib columns were just chock-full of vitriol, bile and just plain meanness, but after listening to him on Garage Logic and Bob Davis' shows, I've come to the conclusion that he's not that bad a guy - certainly not bad enough to get lumped in with Squid Hartman or Jim Souhan.

*That would be $8.55 for a four-piece dinner at the Popeye's in Hartsfield-Jackson International's Terminal B, plus the $33 overdraft fee. It was good chicken, but not that damn good.
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