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There's a reason wombats aren't known for their brains.

Well, the refinance of the Sportage didn't happen, not because my credit sucked but because I still owe $8600 on a truck worth $5500. They did try their damnedest to talk me into trading it in on a 2001 Escape with less miles or a black 2005 Sportage (slobber, drool, wipe chin) and I was almost ready to bite on the latter when I realized that the insurance on that practically new set of wondrous wheels would likely drive me right over the edge into Chapter 11. Still, I managed to score $400, most of which promptly disappeared into hotel reservations...

...and a $50 rebooking charge, since I had stupidly missed my 10:20 AM flight to Cincinnati. Well, at least I'll have familiar company on the flight down to DCA, since Delta booked me onto the same flight phoenixalpha is taking. It's on Northwest, but beggars can't be choosers. So, I have a little more time to get ready, refill prescriptions, deal with a little AD business, and so on. Next post from Washington.
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