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Caught the last 576 out of downtown tonight, got home, instead of fixing dinner fielded a call from Rick, then immediately plowed into the mass of e-mails that had showed up. About 90% of the were AD-related, of course. There is so much left to do...but for the next five days I am going to pay no attention to it whatsoever. In fact, if it weren't for the urge to make LJ posts and do other things I need the laptop for (like, say, downloading photos), I'd be strongly tempted to leave it and the wireless card behind.

Tonight, though, I'm going to knock off early, shut off the phone, and just relax. I'll sleep in tomorrow morning, see the guy from WF Financial Acceptance, then hopefully stop by the bank to deposit a sizable check before going home to pack. This time I'll remember the ammunition. ^_^

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