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You want me to do what?

The other odd thing that happened Monday, which I forgot to mention until now, was that some guy at WF Financial Acceptance called me up and wanted to talk to me about refinancing my truck. I couldn't believe my ears. I just did that last summer after crunching the front right fender, but apparently redoing the loan could bring me lower payments and maybe even some cash out, in spite of my hideous credit score.

I rather badly need that cash at the moment, since the student loan got gummed up in the works at the guarantors and probably won't show up until next Friday, making this coming weekend a real interesting adventure in more ways than one. It's odd - a few years back when I was floundering in the wake of the separation, WF Financial came through for me and extended me some credit at a time when I badly needed it. I hope their auto loan side is about to do me another favor, otherwise I'll be brown-bagging it all weekend.
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