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If it was good enough for Al & Bill...

...I guess it was good enough for Al & Lizz and Chuck and Randi, too. Professor Bainbridge takes a look at the, um, interesting financial shenanigans behind the launching, rough takeoff, and wobbly flight of FrankenNet. You know, Martha Stewart got busted for a lot less than this, and a lot of the Worldnet honchos are looking at jail time for something not much different.

I did get a chance to look at the WSJ story, and apparently Mitch was right - the folks behind the launch of the much-needed [/sarcasm] liberal talk radio network were severely clueless about the business end of talk radio. Now that people who actually know what they're doing are in charge of operations, the network is seeing a little wider audience, though it's still off the air in LA and Chicago.
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