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Not a good start to the weekend

Woke up this morning hoping to see a new Megatokyo, perhaps one showing another catastrophic Ed failure at the hands of Miho, but Fred has been having problems the last week and a half, and the announced ETA for the Friday strip is now late Friday afternoon. I was also expecting to see the student loan proceeds drop into my account, but not only are they not there but my paycheck looks like it's been shorted some money. Just craptacular.

EDIT/UPDATE: They didn't short me; it's just that my deductions are higher this year. As for the student loan, it was delayed since the guarantors' system forgot that I'd paid off my old undergrad loan and cleared the default, but it should hit next week. Just so long as it shows up then; things will be ugly otherwise.

At any rate, I'm up early enough so that I can shower and go in early, take an hour for lunch, and hit Borders to pick up the Stross books. The student loan money will probably show up later today or maybe over the weekend, but I think I'm going to call Financial Aid and make sure...the refund hasn't shown up on Webtools yet, which makes me a tad nervous. At least my blood sugar is on target in spite of all the pasta and bread I ate last night. All hail the restorative powers of sleep!

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