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A frenzy of ripping and copying

Woke up this morning and decided that instead of surfing the Net I would use my hour in the pressure cuffs to rip some more CDs; thus I added Devo, Jason & The Scorchers, and Republica to the eclectic mix of stuff on the Carbon after adding the B-52s, Adam Ant and some Blondie before nodding off last night. The process of copying music into the Carbon from Cowzilla is almost insultingly simple, though I find that for actually ripping music Windows Media Player has a better interface. Well, whatever works. I also note that while the pocket guide says you can't play music from the Carbon through your computer, this isn't quite accurate. When I plug the Carbon into my workstation at the Evil Banking Neighbor (using my Palm's sync cable - all hail the USB interface!) I can see all the music files on it (sorted into folders by album) quite clearly, and WMP 7.0 seems quite capable of reading the files. It would be a pain in the butt to listen by folder, though, and the network doesn't seem inclined to let me install WMP 9.0 so I can just copy all the music into one big shuffle-friendly My Music folder, so I'll just plug the headphones into the Carbon and listen to it that way.