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The Carbon finally showed up in this morning's mail distribution, and so far appears to be working just fine. It's fully charged, and I'll give the preloaded music another listen on the way home, using the Sony headphones since the Rio's earbuds don't fit my ears and the Sony's plug is longer than the Carbon's socket, thus preventing unpleasant static disruption. The acid test will be whether it plays well with the software on Cowzilla, which is supposed to take all the files I ripped from my CDs using Windows Media Player and siphon them into the Carbon through the proprietary Rio software. It's supposed to be pretty much a click n' drag deal, but we'll see.

The day went by fairly slowly, with work dribbling in throughout the morning and early afternoon before coming to a halt around 3:30. redmartel will be coming over tonight to pick up the latest chunk of checks, and then I think I'll go to bed early again. Maybe I'll throw another loaf of Irish Cake in the breadmaking robot, maybe not...getting eight hours of sleep is doing wonders for my blood sugar, and it's probably helping my body kill off the last remnants of the troublemaking bacteria as well.

The hotel and transport situation for Presidents' Day weekend is still hanging fire; can't make a hotel reservation until I get paid on Friday and in practice probably won't until Saturday when I can consult with phoenixalpha. She's splitting the cost and I figure she ought to have some input. As for wheels, I'm holding off on reserving any until I know whether I can borrow Mom's station wagon.

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