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What is this "hip" thing you speak of?

I saw this on Mitch's site first, but I also saw Margaret at Our House's responses, so you can split the credit as you will. Doubt I would have picked up the magazine and read the article, because the "hipsters" they're profiling tend to be, as Mitch noted, yesterday's news almost as soon as the article hits the press, and because I'm nobody's idea of hip. Unless there's some star-struck otaku who saw me at Opening Ceremonies last year and said to themselves: "I wanna be like him." If so, I can only say, "Kid, get help."

For amusement purposes only...

Where do you live?
East Bloomington, hard by I-35W.

With whom?
Nobody, which is exactly the way I want it at the moment.

What's your coffeehouse/coffeeshop?
Dunn Brothers. It's all about the WiFi, baby.

What's your Sunday breakfast spot?
The same place it is every morning, Pinky: in front of the Deskpro.

What do you drive?
2001 Kia Sportage. It rules.

What sites do you surf for news?
Instapundit, Captain's Quarters, Yahoo! News (it's my homepage on the Deskpro)

What's the first thing you read in the Strib?
Me read the Strib? You must be kidding.

What's on your morning drive dial?
Bill Bennett on the Patriot. Used to be Bob Davis until they moved him.

When not in town, where are you?
Washington DC or Anime Iowa.

Who's your local band/musician?
Salubrious Invertebrae.

Where do you have season tickets?
I don't.

What's your apparel store(s)?
Casual Male.

Where's your favorite "go to" place that always seems to have just the right thing?
WalMart or eBay.

Where do you get take-out?
McDonald's. I am a man of low tastes.

What's your bakery?
Don't really have one...I guess Au Bon Pain and the Cookie Corner sort of qualify.

Where do you mall?
I don't do the noun-as-verb thing.

Where are you on a Friday night?
Lately, in class.

Where's your gallery(s)?
On my ZIP drive.

Who cuts your hair? Where?
Whoever's on duty at Great Clips.

What are you really uptight about?
Being called a Nazi. The shirt is blue, dumbasses, blue.

What's your substance of choice?
Actos, Cozaar, Glipizide and Metformin, with a side of Clobetasol.

What subjects are you a total geek over?
Baseball. Anime and science fiction are just goddamn hobbies.

Where do you refuel? (recharge? feed your soul?)
Refueling occurs when I'm eating. Recharging occurs when I sleep. Feeding my soul ain't in the game plan.

What's your date night?
Any time she wants one.

What's the most you’ve paid for a concert ticket?
$22 for James McMurtry at the Fine Line.

When you’re at your naughtiest, you…
Margaret: "Next question…"

What's your beauty/grooming thing?
Softsoap. It's a body wash, it's a shaving cream, and it rules.

What's your workout? Where?
Walking to the post office from my cube.

Who (or what’s) the service provider you can't live without?
Time Warner Cable.

What's your favorite night?
Friday, I do believe.

What's the next performance you'll attend?
There's nothing on the agenda.

What's an arts organization you support?
I support individual artists by buying their art. Art organizations can bite me.

What's your nightcap?
A cup of yogurt, usually the Cub store brand..

Where's the afterparty?
The last couple of years? IHOP.

What's your favorite restaurant for:
Murray's for steak, Ted Cook's for BBQ.

See the above. If you're talking quality of service, Courtney at Outback RULES. Best waitress since my ex-gf got out of the bidness.

*late night?
Waffle House, if it was around here; since it's not, Denny's.

I don't go to restaurants for the scene.

*impress your date?
Murray's or Q. Cumbers, depending on the date.

*impress your client?
I'm not in that line of work.

Who's your favorite Twin Citian?
Earl Root. He is without question the real deal.

Hear me now – X will be Y in 6 months. . .
Anime Detour will be over in six months.