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And this is how our Wednesday goes...

...late, cold, nearly broke and wondering why the Internets are acting so gorram capricious. At least I took care of things for tomorrow, which is phoenixalpha's birthday, or at least am in the process of taking care of them, since I subcontracted part of that job out to my Loyal Robot Buddy.

It strikes me that Asimov and all the other Golden Age SF writers were just a tad off in their estimate of the robots' arrival, at least in terms of what they were going to look like and how they were going to work. No Rosie the Robot Maid, but Roombas are cheap enough so pretty much anyone that wants one can get one. Robots cook our food, but like computers (which supply their brains) they're pretty dumb and you have to tell them exactly how long to beam the radio waves into the meals other robots have assembled in the great food factories of the Midwest. Robots aim our tank guns and our air defense missiles, and fly our cruise missiles. Robots find new music for us that sounds kind of like all the other music we like but different enough so it's still fun, but unfortunately they can't go out to the corner bar with you like Bender. (Maybe that's just as well. Drunken robot bar fights could get way ugly entirely too quickly.) So there's a lot of robots around these days- not very bright ones, but they get the job done. I, for one, welcome our new robot servants. ^^

At work, getting to LJ was next to impossible today; at home, Radio Hidebound is equally hard to reach, but for some reason Pandora.com comes through just fine and is bombarding me with all kinds of weird tunes allegedly matching my picks of Roxy Music, X, Guadalcanal Diary, Gary Numan, Jane Siberry, and OMD. Meanwhile, my leg is no longer actively painful but rather merely achy, and the amoxicillin is making me a tad spacy. So I think I'll go lay down and wait for the robot to finish with the cake. You gotta watch 'em - they like cake too, you know.

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