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I should get so much done when I'm healthy.

Well, I wasn't originally going to do all that much running around, but it didn't seem right to drive all the way to St. Paul and back and not take care of some things along the way...like dropping off my financial aid paperwork, paying my truck loan (late), returning library books and picking up the ones they had on hold for me, and finally doing a little (very little) grocery shopping at Cub while getting the latest round of Amoxicillin with which to beat back the ravening hordes of bacteria that have decided today the left leg, tomorrow the world. Not a bad list of accomplishments, considering that standing on said leg makes me want to whimper and operating the clutch with it reminds me all too much of exactly where the major blood vessels are in that leg.

Which is probably just the Rocephin wreaking a fiery vengeance along the arteries down there.

Anyway, I've been back home for an hour tending to e-mail, LJ, feeding the breadmaking robot, and thinking about how frozen shrimp is better than no shrimp at all, but only just.
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