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Hope y'all happy now.

All you people whining about how this doesn't seem like January, what with the rain and the 40-degree temperatures? I hope you're happy with the snow and the sub-freezing temps we have now. Me, I was grateful for a little bit of Global WarmingTM. Nope. Still not acclimated after all these years.

I see that Lucianne.com is back. It shows you how little attention I pay attention to Jonah's mom that I didn't even know the site had been hacked and taken down. Good thing I looked though, because there was a link to a nice interview of Peggy Noonan. What particularly got my attention about that interview was a question about halfway down:
Q: Did your personal politics affect the way you felt about Pope John Paul?
A: No. I never viewed him in a political manner. I never viewed him from a political point of view. I found him very moving as a man, as an individual living one of the great lives of the 20th century, and I also found what he believed about the truth of life, what he believed in terms of his faith, to be the most compelling thing about him. Politically, he was a mid-20th century European.

What got my attention about it was that even a conservative journalist makes the mistake of thinking religion follows politics, when in fact for many conservatives (and in my case) it's the other way around. One can only wonder what kind of gobsmacked look Noonan bestowed upon her interviewer.

Meanwhile, check this out. Ferocious moves...from Canada, home of Right-Wing Death Beast Stephen Harper? Oh yeah. Also from Cobb, the importance of laying the smackdown on squirrels like Joel Wossname and what that has to do with the Disney/Pixar fusion.
Speaking of Canada, now that the election is over, Kate has gone back to her usual occupation.

So aside from surfing...I have an early afternoon appointment with my doctor, and until then I'm just going to chill out. This leg doesn't really encourage popping out and zooming around.
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