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Like a hangover only without the drunk parts first

Well, in spite of all the confusion over time and all the running around I had to do to get things for it, the Volunteer Party went well. A couple dozen of our volunteers and staffers showed up, if only briefly, and a few people from CONvergence stopped by to say hello after their meeting in the north half of the hotel. We went through all the pop, half the milk, all the sushi and the pizza, and only had to cart the milk, half the case of pocky and a few remnants of squeezy pulp candies home. Yay. The down side was that we didn't wind up the party until around 2 AM on Sunday, and since I had to give some people a lift home to Linden Hills and points east, that meant I didn't get home and into bed until 4 AM. Thank God for Suntory Dark Black Boss Coffee, which truly is boss and kept me awake and functional as nothing else could have. I think I'm going to change my icon to its logo as soon as Melody excavates the picture from her camera, since I haven't been able to find it online.

phoenixalpha woke me up early this morning (i.e. before noon) under the impression that we had to go back to the Sheraton and actually check out of the room. This not being the case, we unloaded all the party stuff from the Kia (except the milk, which had been lugged upstairs the previous night) and stuffed it in the apartment before heading off to Mystic Lake to celebrate Father's Day by indulging in gluttony at the buffet before attending to a busy schedule of sloth, indolence, and more sloth. We were surprised to find that they were doing an all-day Fathers' Day Buffet, and were still serving breakfast stuff, but it was a pleasant surprise and we quickly turned to digging in. We actually ate fairly moderately, all things considered, and then went off to the storage unit to find some missing paperwork that I need to finish the AD 2004 financials. Didn't find all of what I was looking for, but did find some of it, and a couple of missing power strips to boot. Yay.

Then followed a very brief trip to the far northeast corner of St. Paul to retrieve copies of Stipple-APA (we missed the collation yesterday on account of the volunteer party) before returning home, tending to e-mail and eBay, and updating the LJ. And it's already 8:30 PM. *yawn*
Tags: anime detour, food, stippleapa
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