wombat_socho (wombat_socho) wrote,

When Cons Collide

Diversicon meeting tonight after work - much discussion of a tentative one-shot merger between Diversicon and Consume in 2005, which I'm not personally in favor of since it would mean one less convention in the Twin Cities and might conflict with Anime Iowa if AI stays in September, since the proposed convention would take place in September instead of the usual August. Maybe we'll just have to throw an August Party Northwest instead.

Odd gossip - apparently Greg Ketter of Dreamhaven is putting in a bid to run Minicon 40 and has talked of "retaliation" against any fan group that decides to move in on Easter weekend. This piqued my interest, since AD has talked about doing that very thing and we don't see ourselves as drawing from the same fan base as Minicon. (Well, there was that one guy who complained about anime music at the dance Saturday night, but he was definitely in the minority.) In addition, how exactly does he plan to "retaliate" against a bunch of neos who wouldn't be going to any conventions if we hadn't introduced them to such things by throwing AD? Is he not going to sell manga to our members? Refuse to accept flyers for next year's Anime Detour? Silly, but not too amusing. I'll have to ask him about it the next time I see him.
Tags: the bush of fandom

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