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A look into the past

Don Boudreaux of Cafe Hayek takes a stroll down memory lane with the help of the 1975 Sears catalog. He takes the time to adjust the prices for inflation, which really makes you appreciate Walmart on the one hand and technological progress on the other.

Money quote:
Other than the style differences, the fact most noticeable from the contents of this catalog’s 1,491 pages is what the catalog doesn’t contain. The Sears customer in 1975 found no CD players for either home or car; no DVD or VHS players; no cell phones; no televisions with remote controls or flat-screens; no personal computers or video games; no food processors; no digital cameras or camcorders; no spandex clothing; no down comforters (only comforters filled with polyester).

Of course, some of what was available to Sears’ customers in 1975 is also quite noticeable to those of us looking back from 2006: typewriters, turntables for stereo systems, 8-track players, black-and-white television sets. And lots and lots of clothing and bedding made from polyester.

Sometimes it's a little staggering to sit back and realize all the changes that have come down the pike since I was in high school back in the mid-70s.

Via The Club for Growth.
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