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Thrills, chills, and Fudge Sticks

Well, actually this doesn't qualify as even a cheap thrill, but I went ahead and ordered replacements for the lost McMurtry CDs off half.com and threw in a couple of Bryan Ferry CDs while I was at it, seeing as how they were cheap. I also got to thinking about backing up all these music files, since I don't want to keep all the mp3 and WMA files on Cowzilla's hard drive if I can avoid it. The obvious solution was to get more discs for the Jaz drive, to say nothing of the SCSI/USB adapter I'll need to make that puppy work. The only catch is that new disks for the Jaz will run you anywhere from $49 to $70 plus shipping...unless you look on eBay for somebody trying to get rid of theirs, in which case you can snap some up for about $5 apiece. w00t! Also making me a little happier is the arrival of this month's CD from yourmusic.com, Retrospectacle: The Best Of Thomas Dolby. Double w00t!

Clarification: I'm looking at backup for the music files since I'm expecting the replacement Carbon to show up next week, and this time I'm not going to screw it up.

No real chills going on - made up most of my lost time today by taking a short lunch and working 20 minutes later. Two more short lunches and I should be all caught up.

Keebler Fudge Sticks? They must have had a spy in the Hershey plant or done some kickin' reverse engineering, because these things are like KitKats only better. Thank God I only bought one box, and even that may have been too much.

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