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An afternoon's worth of Convergence

In spite of sleeping in an hour longer than I'd intended, I managed to get up and get the laundry going this morning in time to shower, do breakfast, and grab my water bottle before heading over to the Sheraton for the Convergence concom meeting, which was also the MISFITS annual meeting. I had to be there at noon since petsnakereggie had summoned the Events Division to be there early for a division meeting, so the laundry basket got loaded into the Sportage and spent the afternoon in the back seat, yay. I got there on time, beating danae by an hour, but she had good reason - her wheels died. Fortunately her roommate, She of the All-Consuming Maw, had just returned home and offered her car, which in view of all the cookies she ate earlier in the week was only fair. (They're damn good cookies, though.)

I was very surprised to find that after two concom meetings and 15 hours' volunteer work I was entitled to vote in the MISFITS Board elections, which actually meant voting for Convergence concom memebers as well. This is considerably different from ATC, which separates parent company jobs and director positions from Anime Detour staff positions.* petsnakereggie(Events), windelina(Communications), and weasel_king(Community Relations) were all up for re-election. Running unopposed. I was going to suggest that we just vote them in by acclamation, but both petsnakereggie and michaellee said this was a bad idea and Michael promised to explain afterwards. Which he did; and now I have a much much better understanding of why the voting is done the way it is. Without going into wretched and fandom wankish detail**, the bottom line is that a popularity contest can tell you quite a bit when you know how many voters are out there and how many votes each candidate got.

*To say nothing of our voting requirements, which require signing in at seven meetings and forking out actual money, but come to think of it, in practice it works out pretty much the same way.

UPDATE **Actually, Michael gives a very clear explanation for y'all's benefit in this post, and some of the comments (by 433 and mle292 particularly) are instructive as well.

After the voting, the meeting got underway and much was accomplished. w00t.
Since petsnakereggie has managed to lose another of his 4th consuite co-heads, I volunteered to fill that position if he can't find anyone else. This is going to come back to bite me in the ass, I just know it. On the other hand, since I have the horrible feeling that I'm going to get stuck being the sub-head on duty when none of the three existing co-heads are around, I might as well go for the title since I'll be doing the work anyway. Kind of like this past Convergence when the volunteers and such were asking me what to do since I'd been there for 30 hours. They probably figured I was a sub-head anyway.

In other news, I finally won a game of Diplomacy, about 30 years after I first got interested in the game.

We were using the Colonial map, which has fallen off the Hasbro/AH list. I was playing England and figured with my fleets scattered from Aden to Hong Kong I was going to get carved up like Austria-Hungary usually does in the traditional game, but I played it straight with my neighbors the Turks (thaadd) and the Dutch (bombastinator) and eventually wound up tying the Turks for the win with 16 resource centers when the game was called at 0030. I felt bad for the Dutch - we had repeated communications snafus and never did manage to get his armies into the Indochinese colonies of those Papist scum the French. On the other hand, we did manage to boot the Japanese off the mainland (well, except for Korea) and put paid to the Russians. How ahistorical. ^^

No progress on the dishes and I didn't feel the urge to go shopping, though I will go out and pick up my Actos prescription. Maybe I'll hack on my StippleAPA, since there's a collation this Saturday; maybe I'll just go to bed. Answer unclear, ask again later.
Tags: the bush of fandom, wargames
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