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*thud* version 20.06

The hotel meeting went okay, slowed a little bit by stuckintraffik being distracted by the Motorola saleswoman who was flogging her UHF walkie-talkies to our tech team. Most things will be where they were last year, other things are moving to different rooms, and you'll all get to find out next Sunday. Those of you who didn't touch base with your division heads, shame on you; you got stuck with what we thought was a good space and now we all get to live with it. tatsmaru did show up to plead for Room 307, which has a glass door, but was DENIED since said room is not adjacent to Operations and has a huge, completely inappropriate conference table within that cannot be moved.

Grocery shopping ensued; remembered yeast and yogurt and fruit but forgot cleaning supplies. Damn.

I liked Charles Stross' Singularity Sky more than I thought I would; meanwhile, Gaiman's American Gods lived up to its reputation and kept me up until 0130 this morning. More expansive reviews tomorrow, perhaps, when I can actually form complete coherent sentences.
Tags: the bush of fandom
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