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It's a youngster's game

That having been said, I still enjoy HALO 2, even though I'm usually the one on the receiving end of the shotgun or sniper rifle. There were about six of us flailing away over at La Casa stuckintraffik, and a good time was had by all. I didn't get there until after 4 PM myself, since I had made the mistake of playing Civicrack while the banana bread was in progress, and lost track of time like I usually do.

The banana bread itself hardly rose at all and was (by my standards) intolerably sweet, so I won't be using that recipe again. (Even if everyone who tried it at the HALO party liked it.) Today, I need to swab out the pan, clean off the paddle, make a loaf of regular bread, and pop over to Cub to get more yeast and some other necessities for the week ahead.
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