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What the...

Got up feeling well-rested, went to do some dishes while I was waiting for water to boil for coffee, and - HOLY CRAP!!! What is this in my sink??? It looked for all the world like some weird fibrous brown mold/hair conglobulation, and apparently had clogged up the right-hand side of the sink to boot. I managed to get the sink cleared of dishes, and swab out the remaining filth, but the drain is still kinda slow. Also, since the trap is plastic pipe instead of real metal pipe, Drano is right out. Damn.

In the meantime, while sitting around waiting for redmartel to show up, I think I'm going to throw those last two bananas into the breadmaker and crank out a loaf of banana bread for the HALO party. Then I'm going to fire up Cowzilla and see if its problems have disappeared like the Deskpro's. It'd be nice.
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