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This light rail thing might work out after all

Took a look at the Metro Transit website, where they have a summary of the changes that'll take place once the Hiawatha Line opens. One of those changes is the new Route 27 bus line, which among other things goes right by St, Mary's downtown campus while shuttling between downtowan and several stops on the rail line. This will allow me to motor on over to the Sprawl of America, park the Kia, and take the train downtown to work, after which I can take the bus to school, then to the train and home via the MOA parking lots. Of course, there'll be another bus at the Mall end of it for a while, since the rail doesn't extend all the way to the Mall until December, but that's all right.

Sufficiently bored this afternoon at work that I downloaded and installed an LJ client, which I'll be using only after 1730 hours so as to avoid getting crunched by management. I am now 42 days short and would prefer not to get whacked for a blatant violation of the corporate IS policy as it has been interpreted for my benefit. Aside from that, I wandered out of the office a fair bit, picking up the XXXL Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Cookie Corner (adding to my waistline since 1989!) for the party tomorrow and posting an Arcana flyer at the Dunn Brothers' coffee shop in 6 Quebec.
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