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It's got to be in here somewhere

Now that I'm halfway through January, it occurs to me that maybe I tried to do way too much last month. The bad news is that things are only going to get busier.

The convention is a little more than ten weeks off, and as I remarked here, things are going well enough. Unfortunately, I'm a couple of months behind in posting the meeting minutes, and I need to go back and scrounge up the attendance for the June, July, August and November meetings so I can update the eligible voters list. Especially since the Annual Meeting is in April, just a few months away.

Garbage Day has not yet been celebrated. Lately I've been getting home and collapsing in front of the desktop for about an hour while dealing with e-mail, and I think what I need to start doing is having a restorative cup of coffee instead. Of course, the fact that it's so damn cold out lately doesn't help, especially since I think I may have done something to my lungs - it feels like I have this large cold inert mass own there where I should have bronchi. Still, I really need to clean out the place - because then I might have a shot at finding my missing CD case! It could be in the Sportage, of course, but there again I need to take a couple of garbage bags and clear out all the McDonald's bags and other trash that's built up in there since, well, November? I am such a slob! #^_^#
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