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Every time Teddy the Pretender opens his mouth these days, I am reminded of R. Emmett Tyrrell's remark that had his brothers lived, Teddy might have gone on to live in happy obscurity as a Boston publican. Instead, he molders on in the Senate as a living testament to the dangers of alcoholism. However, his latest clownish flub does serve as a teachable moment. We hear a lot about "Goldwater Republicans", the libertarian wing of the party that's indifferent to the abortion question and openly supportive of gays, and so is often contrasted to the Christian/Social Conservatives in the party.

Turns out Barry Goldwater didn't fit the description of a Goldwater Republican until well after he left the Senate, and his 1964 Presidential campaign had a lot more in common with Reagan and Bush the Younger than a lot of pundits these days would like to admit. There's an interesting essay by Claremont University professor of government Andrew Busch on the Goldwater myth that takes a long look at morality and the 1964 campaign. Worth reading if you like your history with a dash of accuracy.

Via Power Line.