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Looking back at Epiphany

This was a pretty strange weekend for me, but hopefully it'll serve as a model for all the weekends this year in that I didn't stay up late (except for Sunday, kind of) got up early on Saturday and Sunday, and thus maintained the same schedule I keep during the week. Which is good for me in a number of ways; I need to develop better daily routines like this so I don't get all tired out, stressed out, and thus more prone to stupidity and/or illness, since the stupidity usually leads to illness, and I am at a point where illness could quite possibly kill me if I got waylaid by the wrong bacillus or virus.

Friday night I worked a little bit late on account of getting in late on the train (I really didn't want to drive in and spend the $12 on parking) so by the time I got back out to the 28th Avenue station I was hungry, the kind of hungry that doesn't want to listen to the little voice inside that says, "Hey, we have plenty of food at home, and we'll be there in just a few minutes!" So I stopped by the Outback, since I badly wanted some steak. Unfortunately, the Outback (like most restaurants on the 494 Strip) is also a bar, and I was hitting it right in the middle of Happy Hour. Fortunately, I managed to snag one of the tables in the bar area, repress the urge to order one of the Fosters they had on BOGO special, and got my current contender for Best Waitress in the Western Hemisphere.

Normally at chain joints like Outback you get some obsequious yutz who flounces up to the table, announces, "Hi, my name is Wonderboy and I'll be your server tonight!" and then proceeds to reel off the daily specials in case you somehow missed the enormous signs all over the place announcing them. I lucked out. BWWH came up, took my drink and appetizer order, and went to get it without any unnecessary chitchat. Drink and bread ensued almost immediately, after which she took my order, vanished again, reappeared to refill the drink, and then proceeded to take care of the rest of dinner quickly and efficiently with what appeared to be a genuine smile. It didn't hurt that she was gorgeous. As Heinlein said, luxury is not just being able to get a decent steak and a good drink, but having it served to you by a beautiful woman. Amen to that! It was an outstanding experience and I not only tipped well but made sure the management knew that I thought she'd done an outstanding job. Hopefully she got some brownie points out of that.

After that I went home, dealt with e-mail, and wound up going to bed around 10 PM because I just ran out of energy. This is unusual on a Friday night - usually I'm up until at least midnight. *shrug* It did mean that I got a good solid eight hours of sleep before waking up early Saturday morning to do laundry before going to Chez stuckintraffik for HALO...neither of which wound up happening. The HALO session got postponed due to scheduling issues, and the laundry fell prey to a massive attack of inertia which caused me to while the day away playing Civicrack. About the only thing I accomplished was cooking up the yams that I bought last month, which had begun to sprout but were still full of tasty starchy goodness. Went to bed around 10 PM, again.

Sunday was where I made up for Saturday's sloth and indolence. Got up early, got clothes in the washer, went shopping (partially because I was short of quarters for the dryers), got clothes into the dryer, put food away, fiddled with Civicrack, got clothes out of the dryer, went to take shower and was delayed by phone calls, finally made it to AD staff meeting only 10 minutes late. Hoorah! Meeting went very well - things are coming along with some departments grinding into gear and others pretty much on course, but everything is moving forward. After the meeting stuckintraffik, Patrick and I went over to the storage area to pick up the Room Party Kit, and then over to the William Mitchell College of Law (not named after the general) where the Shinnenkai was being held. I didn't actually get to see much of it; after running out to the Kinko's over by Macalester to burn off some registration forms I felt pretty inert and just sat behind the table watching Kiki's Delivery Service and Azumanga Daioh, talking with people who stopped by the table, and handing out forms. After it was all over I headed over to Annie's and fed jariten, rubyd, willow_one and Holly, who had manned the artists' table and drawn a lot of attention. To say nothing of the rocket-launcher-armed octopus.

After that it was home through the flurries and to bed. Thud.


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Jan. 9th, 2006 09:01 pm (UTC)
If I had known you needed registration forms I would have looked harder for the ones I have at my place. I had planned on bringing a few to the meeting for any staff members that haven't signed up yet.

As far as luxury dining experiences go, lately I've been taking full advantage of my single and unattached status and have had a few politically incorrect lunches at MOA if you know where I mean. I didn't go there yesterday though. I didn't get going early enough to have lunch out before the meeting so I just had a hot dog, chips, and a diet Coke at home before I left. Talk about a change in plans.
Jan. 9th, 2006 09:57 pm (UTC)
I completely spaced out on the need for registration forms - I had every opportunity on Friday and Saturday to run a bunch of them off, and just plain dropped the ball.

As for the joint you refer to, I've eaten there myself a time or two, though not in the last couple of years. The food in general is better than one would think, and their wings definitely deserve their outstanding reputation.
Jan. 10th, 2006 11:39 am (UTC)
Apologies for not showing up at the meeting, I had a cold and figured it would be bad to spread it :/
Jan. 10th, 2006 01:28 pm (UTC)
Yup. Nothing really new in your departmentm - Game Crazy's offer to do the console gaming room was politely turned down and it looks like we won't be getting any help from the Bemani group at the U, which is okay since we weren't planning on getting any from there.
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