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I, for one, welcome our new robot baking masters

Yesterday was marked by indolence and sloth, for the most part, although I did exert myself to sweep the kitchenette floor and do some dishes. I also baked the fourth and most successful loaf of Irish cake. #3 was a victim of my impatience, I'm afraid; the ingredient mix was correct but I was too hasty in dumping the hot loaf out of the pan and slicing off the bottom. This led to poor bonding between the loaf and its crust and premature crumbliness, which was a real pain, so this time around I waited for the pan to cool first before decanting the loaf. That worked a lot better, and I am now confident that I have the process whipped. True, the loaves would probably be even better if I sifted all the dry ingredients together, but I'm not spending $6 on a sifter when the results I'm getting are good enough.

Aside from baking, I spent most of the evening watching Cardcaptor Sakura; a brief review is behind the cut.

This is a cute magical girl series from the folks at CLAMP, and it's done very well. Steven den Beste does a good job summarizing the series here, and I don't have much to add except for some minor corrections, such as Sakura's dad being an archaeology professor, not a history prof. He also leaves out the minor point that Sakura and Tomoyo are cousins, but since that doesn't really have anything to do with the plot, it's no big deal.

Tonight will be Garbage Night - I have several bags of junk mail, wrappers, and miscellaneous junk to be thrown out, and after that I may just toddle off to bed early. Or not. I do have another 4-5 discs of the CCS box set to get through, after all.
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