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Win some, lose some...

It took me a while to figure it out, since I wasn't listening to the radio much over the holidays, but apparently Smooth Jazz is gone from the airwaves, replaced by what will no doubt come to be known as K-Talk. I have to agree with Mitch that the station sounds like a loser, the FM version of WCCO's middle-of-the-road talk format. Well, at least I'll be able to tune in to Rush Limbaugh at work now, since he'll be in KTLK's 11-2 slot, bookended by a couple of nonentities.

As for KSTP-AM, WTF were they thinking, moving Bob Davis to the midmorning slot? I guess I'm going to be listening to Bill Bennett in the mornings from now on, because this new guy Wally is about as exciiting as cold leftover oatmeal. Bye, Bob; it was nice while it lasted.
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