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That was the year that was

Having stayed up until nearly 6 AM going over last year's LJ entries and running errands (it's amazing how much you can get done at 3:30 AM these days) it will probably surprise nobody that I didn't get up until noon...and then only to lay there semi-conscious until 3 PM. Better than yesterday, anyway. ^^
Anyway, for better or worse, here's how my year went:

January - Kelly Freas died at 4 AM on New Year's Day, and I wasn't feeling too good myself. That continued through the month, as did the flow of pre-registrations and the increasing crankiness of the Chief Wombat regarding the impending convention. drunkenphlower introduces me to Barry Rogers, who will eventually complete the 501(c)3 app for ATC that I'd been desultorily been pecking away at for 3 years.

February - Melody's 19th birthday. Aside from that, this was a bad month. I was angry, stressed out, and filled with rage thanks to the convention; in retrospect, maybe playing so much HALO wasn't a good idea.

March - Anime Detour, Minicon, exaltation, depression, philosophizing about fandom, and braless women in gauzy tops. It was a very strange month.

April - Not a lot going on...the AD post-mortem, a lot of HALO, work, and occasional illness. The Nationals began play at RFK.

May - Acquired the Deskpro, went to SogenCon, and resumed school.

June - Kale and Lauren got married, the annullment process creaked forward a bit, Melody finally graduated from high school, I bought new sunglasses to replace the ones I lost, and I discovered the adventures of Azrael. There was Claycon, the MIT Weblog survey, mplscorwin's birthday party, more Unreal Tournament carnage, and the introduction of pressure sleeves to fight the edema in my right leg.

July - I had a really great Convergence, despite spending way too much time working in the consuite. Unfortunately, I also punched a fresh hole in my foot over the weekend, and wound up having the Keflex and the heat double-team me to suck out all my energy. Adding to the fun, the apartment's AC crapped out and was never repaired. Later, the Convergence volunteer party was fun, but getting the Kia's front passenger side crunched wasn't.

August - Refinanced the Sportage so I could afford to fix it, enjoyed the OMGWTFBBQ, saw Ultraviolet at the Asylum, didn't do nearly enough packing before the moving party, went to Diversicon more out of a sense of obligation than any conviction that I was going to have fun. Then I went through a lot of drama acquiring a new apartment, and moving out of the old one.

September - PT on my legs started this month, the final clearing of stuff from the old apartment happened, and then there was Anime Iowa, which was great. Then there was more leg PT, bandaging (with horrible results), seeing Serenity as a perq from blogging, getting hooked up with Up All Nite Data Entry, Progress on the ATC 501(c)3 app continued,

October - I bagged the fall semester at St. Mary's. The Twins season ended disappointingly as they finished third. I stayed up way too late on way too many nights doing data entry. Arcana was disappointing, but cajones' birthday rocked, as did playing Crayons Across The Moon with thaadd. My 46th birthday came and went along with Arcana and a staff meeting. I went to see Serenity a couple more times, including on jamestrainor's birthday. Speaking of thaadd, she introduced me to Civ3 which was pretty neat as a LAN game.

November - I got another leg infection, one that put me out for about half the month, and cashed in my options since I knew I was going to need the money. Thanksgiving followed, and it was good. After that, more Serenity, huladavid's moving party, and planning for the December weekends in Washington DC. Did my last job for the data entry folks.

December - Began with a flight home to DC, greatly facilitated by RS, digex, and my brother Carlos; came back to Minnesota for a week and then went back for seconds. Christmas came and went, and then New Year's Eve, on which I qualified for my carry permit and then went to the AD New Year's Eve party.

On balance, it was a pretty good year. In 2006 I am going to do my best to minimize my stress, eat better, get more exercise, and continue being fiscally prudent so I can enjoy the trips to DC and Cedar Rapids I plan to make, to say nothing of Anime Detour and Convergence. We'll see how that all works out.
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