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Is there a tiger on the loose?

Among the other important news that the MSM never seems to pay attention to comes word of the Nine Commentaries on the (Chinese) Communist Party, originally published in Chinese in the Epoch Times and later distributed on the Internet. The commentaries, a critical review of the CCP's history, have triggered massive numbers of resignations from the Party - according to a speech by Canadian MP Stockwell Day, over 1.3 million as of May 10th this year. Many of those resigning are people with quite a bit at stake: public officials, teachers, and professionals.

The conventional wisdom is that the CCP has allowed increased economic freedom while managing to keep a tight rein on political freedom. Conservative and libertarian political theory says that can't last, and that sooner or later free markets are going to make people want to be completely, politically free. If even half of what Day is claiming is true, the Communists in China may be staring into their future and getting a real good look at the ash heap of history. It could make Tienanmen Square look like small potatoes...or like the opening shots in the Fourth Revolution that finally brings freedom to China after nearly a century of chaos and tyranny. We can hope.

Via Small Dead Animals.
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