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With a whimper and a splat

Met up with phoenixalpha yesterday and gave her a lift out to the CompUSA so she could get her POS Compaq laptop fixed again. She's definitely gotten her money's worth out of the extended warranty on that thing, and is giving serious thought to renewing it. If CompUSA or Compaq had any brains they'd just give her a new one, since this thing is obviously defective and/or cursed, but instead they keep plowing more time and materials into it. They must have spent more than the $100 warranty payment on the hard drive alone. We did dinner at Wendy's in Edina and commiserated about her mother's complete lack of discretion when it comes to her new husband's shortcomings. I'd feel bad for the poor bastard, but under the circumstances I'm just trying not to enjoy the schadenfreude too much.

Today's snowfall is wet and slushy and looks to be a lot more than the 2-4" I was seeing in the Yahoo! weather this morning. Makes me almost glad that I couldn't get an appointment with my masseuse for after work; the shoulders still ache a little bit after the last few days of pounding the keyboard with product revisions. Guess I'll take a couple of ibuprofen after work and drive on.

This weekend, I plan to do some bread baking, some CD mixing and burning, and a lot of anime watching. Tomorrow I have the carry class, some range time, and then the AD New Year's Eve party, where we'll try out the new 75-pound speakers stuckintraffik picked up. Rock the Thunderbird, baby. ^^ No real plans for New Year's itself, though I might head downn for at least part of the LotR marathon at the Riverside. We'll see.
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