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What the interholiday week means to me

Six days' worth of work and four days to do it in. This is the week when my normal 3-4 hours of actual work (as opposed to sitting around trying to look busy, filing, wandering around chatting with people, and other ways of padding out my eight hours on the clock) suddenly expands to 8-12 hours because all of my users suddenly realize "OMGWTFBBQ!!!111!!! I have to get all my product changes in before the end of the year!" and send me many many megabytes of spreadsheets indicating in extremely tiny fonts all the changes they want made to their miserable products. The reason this all has to be done before year's end is because for two hideous weeks in January, the Customer Accounting System becomes schizoid and manages to believe that it is still operating in 2005 even though it knows perfectly well it's 2006 already, and as a result any changes made to the databases will make said databases freeze up and crash. After the two weeks are up, we can do our usual arcane magicks that convince the system that yes, it is really 2006 and time to make next year's values become this year's values. Why we have to endure this stupidity instead of just having the damn system roll over automatically so we can scratch its digital belly and tell it to get back to work is beyond me, but then I'm not a software guy and still less a specialist in mainframe database mangling languages. The bottom line is that I'm not going to be doing a whole lot of posting this week until I get home, where I'll probably turn into a vegetable like I did tonight.

Still not feeling 100%, or even 75%. My chest and shoulders still ache some, and my head still feels congested, which is part of the reason I haven't been doing a lot of linking & thinking the last week or so...kind of hard to come up with something flashy and intelligent-sounding when your head is full of mucus and you can't get your brain out of second gear.

At least I got the shopping done. The next loaf of Irish Cake can wait until tomorrow night; in the meantime, Cake #2 is going to be sampled and bagged up (I'm not too sanguine about those three eggs of indeterminate age, to say nothing of the anhydrous raisins and unmelted butter) and tomorrow's lunch will be packed. I've already dumped the flour, sugar, salt and baking soda into sealed containers, and I think I might pick up some more raisins and bananas and crank out some fresh bread for this weekend's party.
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