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Merry Christmas!

Still not feeling 100% (throat is still a bit sore), but good enough to stir forth and get to Mass. Most parishes scrap their late Masses on Christmas, but fortunately St. Olaf has a 5 PM contemporary service and the Basilica has a 4:30 with cantor, piano and flute, which I think will be the service of choice.

Had a few minutes of panic yesterday when looking for the e-mail from my cousin Kathy and the attached Irish Cake recipe, since there was no trace of it on the Deskpro whatsoever. I finally pulled up a generic raisin bread recipe from allrecipes.com, added an extra egg, and went with that. Sure enough, when I went to the bedroom and fired up Cowzilla's copy of Thunderbird, there was the missing e-mail. So, once I clean up the paddle and bread pan from yesterday's effort (which turned out okay but not spectacular) I'll try Kathy's recipe. Which is actually Auntie Agnes' recipe, but Kathy did come up with an interesting variation that I may take a stab at sometime after I pick up some bulk Splenda.

For your amusement on this Sunday, I present the ideal hat for those of you tired of the anti-fur zealots. Black powder smoothbore musket (loaded with buck & ball for maximum crowd dispersal effect) available at additional charge. Vis Small Dead Animals.
Tags: food, it's a catholic thing, linkagery, medical stuff
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