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Good intentions gone astray

Well, they let us go early today, and I skied out of work at 4:15 with every intention of heading straight home, eating some ramen, and going to bed, but it didn't work out that way. What I did was stop at Gyropolis for a couple of gyros on the way home and then wasted five hours reading Trouble Windows, dealing with e-mail, and browsing through Morison's The Northern Voyages when Deskpro got slow.

I'm going to take it easy this weekend and do as little as possible. I do need to do laundry, and I guess I'll deal with that in the morning before I head over to Chez stuckintraffik since I'm sure they'd appreciate it if I showed up in clothes that didn't smell. Book reviews and pictures from the trip East can wait. Meanwhile, it's 2200 and time to take a NyQuil like I should have done hours ago.
Tags: books, friends, work
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