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This is the part where you fall down

Well, I'm back. The cold didn't seem to bother me as much as I thought it would after three days of (relatively) balmy weather in Washington; guess I didn't have time for my blood to thin out.

After discovering on Sunday that my flight back wasn't until Monday, I made arrangements to rent an SUV (it was cheaper than a full-size, and I was in no mood to rent something I had to wear as opposed to something I could drive) and headed up through Arlington to try and find a free wifi hot spot so I could find a cheap hotel for my last night in town. Failing at this, I gave up and went to Arlington National Cemetery to visit my father, who is interred at the columbarium there. I had meant to do this on my previous visit, but scheduling had gotten wedged and the visit hadn't happened. The visitors' center folks were helpful as usual, and I was soon taking care of my filial obligations.

I felt much better when I was done, and headed north on the George Washington Parkway en route to Frederick and a meeting with edminster's father Brian (WHO EVIDENTLY HAS AN LJ ACCOUNT AND NEEDS TO START USING IT, GRAR!) after finding some cheap lodgings in that neck of the woods. Luck was with me: I found a Days' Inn colocated with a Waffle House, right down the street from a Roy Rogers. w00t! After checking in, I called Brian, took advantage of the free wifi, and plotted my course to his fiancee's place, where they were watching the Redskins do horrible things to the Cowboys.

After some further peregrinations, we wound up talking until about 0200. What can I say? We had a fair amount of catching up to do, since I hadn't seen him since my father died and e-mail only conveys so much. It was damn good to see him again. We go back to junior high school, and have been there for each other through divorces, single parenthood, and other disasters, though there have certainly been plenty of good times along the way. Wending my way back to the hotel, I asked for an 0700 wakeup call, having gotten my time zones completely backwards, and left a message for my boss' supervisor letting them know what had happened. They didn't call me today so I guess they were cool with it. *shrug* After that I went back to sleep for another couple of hours before getting up, clearing out of the room, and enjoying a large breakfast at the Waffle House. Awwww yeah. ^_____^

The flights back were okay, although the Canadair puddlejumper from Cincinnati to Minneapolis was stuffed to the gunwales with people and baggage. I drifted in and out of consciousness for the 90-minute flight so it was no big deal. Now I need to unpack my bags, at least enough to set up the nose hose and put my shaving kit where I can find it in the morning. Next trip out will probably be in February with phoenixalpha, who many of my friends are interested in seeing and vice versa.

And so to bed.
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