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More stuff for the reading list

As I said in my comment to revolutionaryjo's ravings about Brokeback Mountain, I don't have much interest in the movie - like, none - but the name of the original story's author struck a chord in my memory and so I went Googling after her.

Sure enough, I'd seen the name before. Annie Proulx turns out to be a fascinating person, and this interview really fired my interest in her books, especially after her laudatory comments on Wisconsin Death Trip, which seems to echo in many ways Proulx' take on the backwaters of America and Canada. Her comments on the differing experiences of immigrants to America and Canada (and the latter's worsening separatism problems) resonate strongly with similar comments in Born Fighting, which I've just finished rereading. So I think I may get my library card out of hock this week and drag Accordion Crimes or The Shipping News off to Washington.They look like they right be worth a read, unlike most mainstream (i.e. non-SF) fiction.
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