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Five years ago yesterday

I am reminded by various posts on blogs I read regularly that John Lennon and my father share the same date of death, which is pretty much all they had in common. It's for sure I miss my father more than I do John Lennon.

Reading Born Fighting made me reflect on my own family and how I still really don't have a good handle on the Trainor side of the family. Where exactly did Grandpa Trainor come from in PEI, and how did his family wind up there? All I really know for sure was that he came of Irish Catholic stock, since in the early part of the 20th century parishes tended to be divided not only geographically but ethnically (and that statement is going to seem ridiculously redundant to those familiar with the urban America of those times) and Grandpa met and impressed Marie Donovan at church. What is clear from what I know of the family background and what's happened since is that any Scots-Irish influence has come through the military and growing up in the South, both of which have always had a strong Scots-Irish element to it. Maybe not so much in the Air Force, which, despite the fame of the fighter jocks like Claire Chennault, Chuck Yeager and Dick Bong, has always been run by and for the benefit of the bomber pilots and their missile commander brethren who came to dominate the Air Force though SAC.

Still...we think for ourselves, and don't always agree with the bishops, since we're not the meek and mild sheep we perhaps ought to be. There's respect for learning, if it's practical, and only history among the liberal arts is really seen as practical. (You lucked out, Aunt Pat. ^^) And for sure, there's that rebellious streak that compels us to bow and bend the knee only to those we respect...otherwise, no retreat and no surrender. Because that's the way we are, the way Dad made us.
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