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Say what?

Jeff Jarvis, who I normally respect, apparently is one of those people who go batshit crazy whenever the name of Mel Gibson comes up, because there's no other way to explain his reaction to the news that Mel is in talks to do a miniseries on the Holocaust for ABC. All because Mel's Dad belongs to some schismatic bunch of Lefevrist kooks and Jarvis thinks the portrayal of Jews in The Passion of the Christ was antisemitic.
(Which is something I never figured out, myself, but hey, offense is apparently in the eye of the beholder.)

Grow the fuck up, Jeff. How is this different from showing Schindler's List on the telly? Oh, right, Spielberg's part of the in crowd, so it's OK for him to make a movie about the Holocaust, but that goy Gibson? Evidently not okay. This, from a man who defends Howard Stern's right to public air time. What a hypocritical dipshit.
Tags: culture w/o politics, tv
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