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Thus we sated our fishy lusts.

As a follow-on to this post, I thought people might be interested in seeing how much sushi $250 buys you in Old Town Alexandria - Virginia, of course. Do they even have sushi in Alexandria MN?

3 albacore tuna, $15
3 maguro, $13.50
3 unagi, $13.50
1 yellowtail, $5.50
1 salmon. $4.00
1 smoked salmon, $4.50
1 NT 4.0saba, $3.00
1 shrimp, $4.50

2 spicy tuna rolls, $10.00
1 Maryland crab roll, $6.95
2 Philly rolls, $13.90
2 dragon rolls $29.90 (and quite artistic they were, too!)
2 spider rolls, $19.50
1 New York roll, $6.95
1 eel roll, $4.95
1 California roll w/crab, $5.95
1 rainbow roll, $9.95
1 shrimp tempura roll, $6.50

There were also four sodas @$2.25 and an order of chicken & shrimp tempura since Arlene's boy doesn't eat sushi. Some peoples' kids, I tell you...^^ Anyway, I think the prices are pretty comparable to what you'd pay around here; the nigiri were 2-piece sets as usual and the rolls ranged from 6-8 pieces.

Man, now I'm hungry.
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