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Well, I tried to go to bed early, but after some tossing and turning my stomach refused to let the brain shut off for the night until it had been fed, since I hadn't had anything to eat since an admittedly large breakfast at the hotel. Wound up going over to the Hard Times Cafe, having nachos and a bowl of chili (which was much saltier than I remember) and getting back to the hotel at 2300. Wakeup call is at 0400, so I think breakfast is going to be at McDonald's on the way to Reagan National since I have to take a taxi anyway. Hope I can nap on the way back or the forecast for work tomorrow is going to be frequent coffee with intermittent slackness of jaw.

Spent most of the day talking to Mom, dozing in my room after being up way too late last night, trying to doze, or eating. Apologies to anyone I missed this weekend; there's a return gig on the weekend of the 16th and another Delta flight once I get the frequemt fler miles for Mom & Dad merged into her account. Details TBA.
Tags: family drama, travel
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