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I'm going thud now. But it's a good kind of thud.

I'm not going to complain too much about the flight down here, because it was free and besides, I slept through most of it, but I will note that the Airbus 330 is grossly inferior to the Boeing 737 in leg room, seat width, and overhead baggage capacity. This is why Airbus and NWA must die while Southwest and Boeing must live.

Called the hotel to summon the shuttle, which arrived 10-15 minutes later and got me to the hotel in good time; check-in was effortless and soon I was in my spacious room reading the note Carlos left me - he was holed up in an Irish bar (!) half a block away. So I joined him there after stowing Masha in the safe, had a celebratory Guinness (my first one in years) and then made our way down King Street to the Flying Fish. We proceeded to demolish over $250 worth of sushi in two rounds, assisted in the second round by his GF Arlene. Unfortunately digex and my other friends were unable to join us, but these things happen and there's always tomorrow, to say nothing of the weekend of the 16th.

And now I'm going to set up my nose hose and get a decent night's sleep before catching the breakfast buffet and then setting out for SunTrust in Arlington to start out the day's entertainment.
Tags: family drama, travel
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