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All that and brains too (plus a box of pocky)

Virginia Postrel remembers the way it was, back when things sucked. You know - the 70s.

This is a more general and less personal look at the times than my post below, Mitch Berg nails it, and looks at why so many people our age regard Ronald Reagan as a hero. General Patton (the elder, not the younger) was right: "It is foolish and wrong to mourn...Rather we should thank God that such men lived." Amen, General.

Via The Blog of Professor Death.

(EDIT 10/19/06) Added a number of links for explanatory purposes and did some editing to remove some uncalled-for snarkiness at the recently-deceased General Patton's expense. While not shining nearly as brightly as his father, Major General Patton served with distinction in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and was much beloved not only by the men of the 11th ACR who served under him but also by the men of his father's old division, which he came to command at the time when the son of his father's old adversary was mayor of Stuttgart, where the division was stationed at the time. The two got along extremely well, apparently...
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