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Dumb passenger tricks

Well, that was stupid. Despite reading the instructions for packing firearms in checked baggage about 50 zillion times over the last week, not only did I forget to unload Masha's two magazines, I forgot to throw the remainder of the ammo box in my suitcase. So TSA did their job, made me unload the magazines, and confiscated the ammo. This is more than I can say for the NWA baggage check-in woman, who not only acted like I'd crapped on her nice shiny counter when I made the legally required declaration that I was carrying an unloaded weapon in my luggage, but intentionally misdirected me to the TSA agents at the end of the counter instead of pointing me at the third floor security post. Ah, well.

Parking at the airport is pretty insane now - they want $16/day for the general parking, which means it's cheaper for me to drive in to work and then out to someplace like Park 'N Fly. I'll probably use the LRT on the way back. Now, back to shooting the zombie dogs.
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