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Chief terminator at the zombie dog pound

That's my temporary job title for the next week or so, since uploads are minimal this time of the month, and TPTB here at the Evil Banking Neighbor are very into the Puritan thing about idle hands being the Devil's playground.

What's going on is that after six years TPTB have finally decided to charge other parts of the Evil Banking Neighbor for the privilege of doing their internal billing, and to base that charge on the number of transactions going through the system. Problem is that the transaction count is currently being inflated by a bunch of recurring charges for products that are currently inactive (e.g. zombie processes) which I have to reactivate for the express purpose of putting them out of our misery. Adding to the fun is that the bulk of these zombie processes are hitting old Norwest cost centers, some of which were closed about ten years ago, so they don't actually charge anyone for anything - they just inflate the transaction numbers. This is an occasion that the DOOM administrator's tool was seemingly custom-made for, but since the chances of me being allowed to implement the tool are near-zero and none, I just have to do the long march through the databases killing these things off by ones and twos. It's a living.

In other news, I drove down to Medford last night through the blowing snow and got a ginormous Samsonite hard-side suitcase for $80, which was about half what I'd been expecting to spend. On the return leg, I stopped at the Faribault Wal-Mart and got a Kodak digital camera, a new hat that actually covers most of my ears, ski gloves (since the hunters' gloves don't really cut it below 20 degrees), and the new Johnny Cash CD, reviewed in the previous post. Forgot to get a new Swiss Army knife, though. Damn. Tonight will be consumed by laundry, dish washing, and packing so that I can leave the apartment tomorrow morning and not come back until Monday evening. I'm thinking it would be easier to drop my big suitcase off at the airport en route to work and pick it up from baggage claim Monday evening, since bringing Masha to work would be a firing offense.
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