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Taking it to (and off) the streets

Jeff Jarvis observes another local e-pinion site and questions whether it'll succeed where others fail, citing the difficulty of getting people to contribute their opinions and whether those people can be trusted to give useful opinions. He thinks the way to go is something that aggregates such content from blogs, and it's hard to argue with the man. To a certain extent, one's LJ friends page does this, but it's not nearly that organized. It would be one thing local newspapers could do - poll their readers on local likes & dislikes, point people at local blogs that do that kind of reviews.

Cobb tees off on the Coalition of the Damned WRT the impending (and well-deserved) execution of Crips founder Tookie Williams. He also has some positive feedback for the Bruce Willis/Michael Yon Deuce Four flick, which could be the blockbuster Hollyweird was hoping Jarhead would be.

On a related Sandbox topic, Michelle Malkin recaps the latest stupidity from MoveOn.org and the clumsy attempted recovery.

Finally, Fred has been on a roll this month. You the man, Gallagher. Accept it and keep on playing that shojo music, dude.
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